A Tale Too Good To Be True



My name is Christy, I wish to tell you my story.


I hail from the downside of life, from the "slum yard" if you like.

My side of life is where you could get shot at, while you're getting shot at. I know what I'm saying and I mean every bit of it. There's no gentleman where I come from. 

We live our lives on the edge and we're fine with that. We eat, we drink, we make merry, for tomorrow we die. 


Every day we wake up to see the rising sun from the East is bonus to us. For deep within, most of us had died already.When the sun goes down West, it's another bonus to us, we groove through the night to celebrate survival.


We eat, we drink, we make merry, for tomorrow we die.


As far as I can remember there's nothing else I have known, no other life outside of this filthiness.


On a cold evening, In the middle of December, this man came to the yard, it was the first time I saw him in the hood. He looked like a gentleman, he was definitely here to patronize us and I had to be the first to go down with him. 


Without a second thought I approached him. Had some drinks and some talk. He was a perfect gentleman, and he came to stay. Who said Nazareth has nothing good? This man was the 'good thing' Nazareth has.(At least for the moment before he gets corrupted like everyone else)


The part of our conversation I find  intriguing is when he mentioned marriage. No!


He must be playing some 'April-Fool' pranks on me, but it was not the first of April, it was the middle of December! 😳


Who marries my kind? 


Do you know how many men I've slept with?

I mean the strange beds I've slept on are countless! 

Common! Not a woman like me!Take what you want, give me what I want and let's part for good. It's a win-win situation for both of us right? 


Are you really following my story?


I have lived here all my life and I've seen good people, but none of them could propose a marriage to my kind. 

This man must be from another planet.


By the way he NEVER got corrupted.


He meant his words, He actually came for me and as I speak we're married (I don't want to say happily married because I still cheat on him 😞 I'm not proud of it) already. He knows I cheat sometimes. He loves me still.



Well friends, we all are Christy's and Christ is our Lover.


Why will he marry a woman like you?


Ever wonder why He still loves you?


It's the same question I ask myself everytime.


We've been helped by Grace.

It's all I can say.

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