Akon's Insights on Michael Jackson's Business Acumen and Challenges

Akon recently shared intriguing insights into the business acumen of the late Michael Jackson, portraying him as a shrewd businessman who faced significant challenges due to his unparalleled influence.

According to Akon, Michael Jackson often spoke about the unfair treatment he received, highlighting the presence of individuals he deemed as not being good people in the industry. Michael's warnings to Akon included a cautionary note about being used until one becomes expendable, leading to potential destruction. These cautionary words, as Akon recounts, were rooted in Michael's own experiences.

Akon elaborated on the attempts to diminish Michael Jackson's success by targeting his access and ownership of music catalogs, indicating that the industry perceived him as having too much power. Akon emphasizes Michael's intelligence as a businessman, acknowledging that he possessed a level of power that, according to some perspectives, surpassed societal expectations for a black man.

Drawing parallels, Akon suggests that similar challenges are faced by contemporary artists like Kanye West. The overarching message is a testament to the complex nature of the music industry, where success can make one a target for exploitation and potential dissolution.

In sharing these insights, Akon not only honors Michael Jackson's legacy but also issues a warning to others navigating the intricate landscape of the music business, underscoring the importance of strategic awareness and resilience.

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