Some people will love you for who you are;                                            Others will step and disgrace you for who you are,                                      While others see opportunities and learn lessons from you;                Others will , hate you, captivate meagre lies and leave you;

Always stand for who you are and be your self;                                              For sun will rise and set, friends will come and go;                                          A lot will happen, come to pass and be forgotten;                                        The windy storms will try to sweep you away!                                              But it will ever leave you by who you are:

A day will come when you will die, This will not deter them from saucing their normal ugali and pilau;            While grouping in gossips and back stabbing;                                          Some will be happy you are gone while other sob in tears;      Afterwards, days will come when no one will remember you nor your name;

Be yourself, be happy, you owe no one your happiness;                                   Play your own cards in silent, focus on your peace of mind;                       The true measure of a man is not what he reveals to the world; but what he hides from it.

Be yourself, be happy. 



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