7 foods to avoid consuming with milk

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01/8Avoid consuming these foods with milk.

To keep the body healthy, people include nutrient-rich things in their daily diet and milk is an important part of that healthy diet. It’s rich in nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamins A, B-6, D, K, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, etc. However, there are certain foods that might not pair well with milk and could potentially lead to digestive discomfort or reduced nutrient absorption. Here is the list of 7 foods that should be avoided with milk for optimal digestion and health. (Images courtesy: iSTock)


According to Ayurveda, milk and curd should never be consumed together. Eating curd with milk or curd after milk, both are harmful for health. Due to this, you may also have stomach related problems and your stomach may also get upset.


03/8Citrus fruits

Milk and citrus fruits are also not consumed together. Consuming citrus fruits and milk together can cause vomiting or stomach ache. If you have to drink milk, then consume milk at least 2 hours after eating fruits


Often, people add jaggery to milk instead of sugar. This is a healthy option, but in Ayurveda, jaggery with milk is said to be harmful for the stomach. There is a possibility of stomach upset due to this.


Fish is considered very beneficial for health, but milk and fish should never be consumed together. Due to this, you may be troubled by digestive problems like food poisoning, stomach pain etc. Apart from this, skin related problems can also occur. Apart from this, consumption of coconut and milk together is also considered harmful for health.

06/8Spicy foods

Spices can stimulate acid production in the stomach, which, when combined with milk, might lead to digestive issues for some individuals. Spicy foods like hot curries, peppers, and heavy spices might increase the risk of acid reflux or indigestion when consumed along with milk.


07/8Salted snacks

Salty snacks like chips and pretzels can make you thirsty, and when you quench that thirst with milk, the high salt content in these snacks can disrupt the electrolyte balance in the body. This combination might lead to bloating and discomfort.

08/8Foods high in protein

While milk is already a good source of protein, consuming it with other high-protein foods like eggs, meat, or beans might overload your digestive system. The combination of multiple protein sources can be hard to digest and might lead to digestive distress.


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