“A man with ideas rule the world”

                                                                                                  -Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim

The world itself is a practical product of an idea, the creator God; is an idealist and from the very beginning He had an idea on how He wanted the world and man to look like, word for word I quote from the Holy Bible, the book of all books “And God said, let us make man in our own image, after our likeness”- Today man rules over all creations.

Ideas can be said to be the origin of “Productive Thinking”, from the days of the Stone Age, man has always developed himself through “Productive Thinking”, it’s the only pillar and source of re-creating the world towards the direction of perfection. The Wright Brothers had in mind the original idea of how they wanted the airplane to look like, and that’s exactly what it is today-A flying Bird. Over the years we have seen idealists being honoured and respected highly above their peers and as long as electricity still exists, the productive thinking and industrious efforts of Michael Faraday will forever be praised.

Taking a case study of the United States which is the world’s super power today because of their productive thinkers, their military which is also the most sophisticated in the world-not because of the population but because of their great military technology. When the Japanese bombed pearl Harbour, the United States idealists and scientists quickly went to the lab and they produced the first Nuclear weapon (Atomic bomb) such as never seen in the world before and the bombing of Hiroshima put a stop to World War 2. Not as a result of the Japanese being out of soldiers/weapons but because there was now a superior weapon in town; a weapon no military could contend with- a product of a unique idea.

In the time of William the third, the English soldiers were startled when the French charged with their bayonets, and then proceeded to fire without removing them. What had occurred was another brilliant design idea- to attach a knife to the outside of the barrel instead of the inside. The bayonet has survived up to the present, but 150 years ago, it was clear that this was the winner. Modern design has a sleek deadliness unmatched in all recorded history, the ancient shape of an arrow remains a familiar reminder of purpose, but the arrow now has an electronic brain (Rocket missile at ready), we have a bomb, a brain and an engine. This impersonal array of unbelievable might be an oil refinery in the states, a laboratory on an island- it happens to be a weapon, but it’s hard to tell any longer.                                              



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