Kcee Raises Questions About Harrysong's Songwriting Prowess and Record Label Departure

In a forthright statement, Kcee casts doubt on Harrysong's songwriting prowess, raising questions about the lack of subsequent hits after their collaborative success with "Reggae Blues."

Kcee asserts that "Reggae Blues," Harrysong's biggest hit, was a collaborative effort between Kcee, Olamide, and himself. He points out that he introduced the song to Olamide, indicating that Harrysong lacked direct access to Olamide. Kcee also mentions featuring Iyanya on the track, turning it into one of his biggest records. Despite the initial success, Kcee wonders why Harrysong hasn't been able to replicate such achievements over the past eight years.

Expressing concern for Harrysong's well-being, Kcee notes ongoing personal struggles, including conflicts with his wife and friends. He reveals that, despite leaving Five Star Music, Harrysong's contract with the label is still active, and it was initially a lengthy 15-year commitment. Kcee clarifies that he is not engaging in a feud with Harrysong but felt compelled to share these details.

The revelation serves as a cautionary tale for artists, highlighting the potential complexities of record label deals. Kcee suggests that a 15-year contract may be excessive, urging artists to exercise caution when entering into such agreements. The disclosure adds a layer of transparency to the often-private workings of the music industry, emphasizing the importance of artists making informed decisions about their careers.

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