Knowing my relationship

Knowing your relationship

To know my relationship Most people feel the need to be in a relationship if they are not already in one especially the youngsters. Sometimes one feels the need to please themselves or others. At times it defines who you are or at other times it does not. A relationship requires commitment, understanding, patience, love and time. In a relationship some sacrifices have to be made either by the female or male. One has to be on the verge of identifying if their relationship is a toxic or good one. If you both prioritize each other first. If you see the need to be each other's comforter. If you both see and know each other's insides. If you can fight and come together during the same evening. Know if the relationship you are in is going to help you or destroy you. Be one to be able to take a good standing for their relationship.

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Doosughun Edith Inienger - Jan 5, 2023, 6:20 AM - Add Reply

I agree with your suggestions totally

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