Messi's fitness woes pose playoff dilemma for Inter Miami

Inter Miami is gearing up for a critical showdown against Orlando City this Sunday, but the absence of their star player, Lionel Messi, looms large.


Messi's conspicuous absence from the pitch has cast a shadow over Miami's playoff hopes, as he has played a mere 41 minutes in the last 270 league minutes.


The enigmatic Argentine initially missed matches due to international commitments with his national team, and later, he was sidelined due to concerns about his fitness. While the club insists that Messi is not nursing a new injury, but rather nursing an existing ailment exacerbated by fatigue, his recent exit from the field during Miami's 4-0 triumph over Toronto FC raised eyebrows. The sight of Messi limping off the pitch left manager Tata Martino concerned.


"It's bothersome," Martino remarked, emphasizing the medical nature of Messi's condition. "I don't know if it hurts. I can't provide a definitive explanation, but it's probable that it's bothering him both physically and mentally, hindering his ability to play freely."


This situation places immense pressure on Inter Miami as they strive to secure a spot in the playoffs. Messi's unpredictability has made it difficult for the team to maintain consistency and accumulate crucial points in the league.


In parallel news, the forthcoming T20 World Cup has named Caribbean nations as hosting venues, but there's one notable omission: Jamaica. This decision has disappointed cricket enthusiasts in Jamaica who had hoped to witness international cricket action on their home turf.

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