Work with Blogshouse.

Job tittle: Article manager

Bloghouse is a blogging platform that allow creative bloggers to share good articles about Education, News, Lifestyle, Hidden knowledge, How to styles, and more.


Anyone who's good at writing a good article can become an author on Bloghouse platform, and can be able to monetize his articles.


How it works?


When someone become an author, and published his article, the article will be reviewed and approved by the Bloghouse article managers, then he can share his article on his social media, author will be paid for his article reads, with a minimum CPM of $15 per 1,000 reads.


As we expanding our services, we are looking for a well experienced people to work with, due to the high volume of articles submission we're receiving from our authors.



someone responsible for reviewing and approving new Articles published by our authors.


Responsible on guiding our authors how to submit a good article, and give them support when they need it


1- Must have a good experience about customer's relation.

2- Must be a good English speaker.

3- Must have a good experience about blogging, writing articles and SEO


(3 people needed) both Male and female, and can be from any country in the world

Monthly income


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