Skincare benefits of sugar cane

Sugarcane is one of the underestimated fruit, that goes unnoticed other than the sweet taste we derive from eating it.

We all hear of the powerful Forever young chemical exfoliant" Glycolic Acid? Sugarcane is greatly enriched in antioxidants and as well the much talked about Glycolic acid.

Here are few beauty benefits of using Sugarcane in your regimen/routine.


1)For acne free skin:

Sugarcane juice is a great natural exfoliator and helps remove dead cells from the surface of the skin


Sugar cane juice mix with 1 tbsp of honey.

2)For youthful skin:

Worried about untimely wrinkles or fine lines? Fret not. Start using this super effective natural remedy to delay signs of ageing and keep your skin youthful & glowing for long.


3 Tbs sugarcane juice.

1 Tbs cucumber juice.

3)For skin lightening:

Want fairer & brighter looking skin?


2TBS meshed overripe pawpaw

3TBS sugarcane juice.

4), Hydration: sugarcane use is a great way of Hydrating the skin most especially for a Dry skin type.

usage: Apply the mixture generously on your face and body and leave it to dry completely or till your skin tingles,rinse off with warm water and moistures

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