The World is an organic entity.

We are bound together by intrinsic cords. Sometimes visible, other times invisible.

Very often, we are misguided to relegate relatedness to just family and the ones we call Friends.


There is a bond originating from nature which is not subject to our whims and devices. 

The links and nexus inherent in nature is wider and stronger than we can imagine. This is why the person we least expect can be of help to us, while the person we hold to be our saviour can disappoint us in a desolate desert.


These chains that binds us throws up unpredictable scenarios all the time. Some inexorable laws of nature must run their course. 


If you sow good today, you don't know who will come and reap it tomorrow.

If you sow evil today, you don't know who will come and reap it tomorrow.

We are parts of the whole. An organic entity that creates many points of convergence that most times defy our human and limited calculations. 


On this journey called life, we must not do what will undo us tomorrow. Let us not undo what will do us tomorrow. 

The cry for help of the person being ignored today could be that of your helper tomorrow. 


And because tomorrow is indefinite and infinite, we must try to sow wisely into the field called life. 


Dear Friends, 


The ripples from our actions.

The smoke from our fires. 

The smell from our messes.

The sound from our drums.

The echoes of our voices.

The crops from our fields.

The bullets from our guns.

The fruits from our orchards.



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Godson Inyang - Aug 5, 2023, 5:02 pm - Add Reply

I love this. Vrry thoughtful.
It speaks vividly about what life's realities are, and gives the mind a satisfactory feeding.

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