My heart weary and shattered like a rag,                                                             It is in the magic cliff where I have hung,                                                      Seeing dark skies from where I have clung,                                                Riddled with abysmal sears and pang. 

Holding a stone solidly and not afraid to fall,

Despite rain torments and steamy waterfall,

Determined to climb further along the wall,

Relax and flash my memory unperturbed at all. 

Shall live here on the cliff for there is no beef,

Exclusively drink and feed on this magic cliff,

Calm and sooth my lone soul to yield a relief,

Be at peace and settle at my desired stuff. 

Shall stay on the cliff until it shines bright,

Hold and cuddle my solely wounded heart,

Until the pain fall and the stormy heart rest,

My spirit blossom and my s

oul chill at last. 


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