Tyla's Journey from a 'Hectic Belieber' to Finding Love with Rema

In a nostalgic revelation, Tyla shares her teenage crush on none other than Justin Bieber. She describes herself as a "hectic Belieber," implying a level of fandom that goes beyond typical admiration. However, Tyla's story takes an unexpected turn as she discloses that her feelings for Justin Bieber evolved into something more profound.

The plot thickens as Tyla discloses that Rema, not Justin Bieber, ended up capturing her heart. The twist in her romantic journey brings a lighthearted touch to the narrative, revealing the unpredictability of love and personal preferences.

Ending on a humorous note, Tyla cheekily mentions the universal desire for financial stability with the phrase, "Money, we must all have you." This quirky conclusion adds a playful element to Tyla's journey of love, teenage crushes, and the ever-present pursuit of financial well-being.

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