What are the Bloghouse Readers Requirements?

As a Bloghouse author, meeting the requirements of our readers is essential to earning revenue. For your article to count towards your earnings, readers must spend at least 70% of the recommended reading time, which is calculated based on the length of the article. Additionally, readers must be unique within a 24-hour timeframe, ensuring that you are not earning multiple counts from the same reader. For accurate tracking, readers must have both JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

We understand the importance of transparency and have improved our author dashboard and stats page to display daily total reads and earnings per 1,000 reads. While you will still only receive payment once per month, this information allows you to track your earnings over time and understand where they are coming from.

Calculating reading time is done by analyzing the viewer's scrolling and activity on the page. We differentiate between gaps in scroll activity and extended periods of time when the reader has stepped away from their screen. This allows us to accurately determine the amount of time a reader has spent actively engaging with your content.

Earnings are based on your country and can be checked using our CPM tool. By meeting the reader requirements, you can maximize your earnings and grow your audience on Bloghouse. As a professional platform, we value quality content and strive to provide authors with the resources needed to succeed.

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