What to do if you are facing small dots problem on your dell laptop?

There are several potential causes for the small dots or pixels that are appearing on your Dell laptop screen. You can attempt the following troubleshooting techniques to solve this issue:


1. Inspect the laptop screen carefully for any physical damage indicators, such as cracks or scratches. If any are present, it's conceivable that the dots are the result of screen damage. For repair or replacement in this situation, you might need to get in touch with Dell support or a qualified expert.



2. Update graphics drivers: In some cases, display problems can be brought on by outdated or faulty graphics drivers. Download the newest graphics drivers for your laptop model from the Dell support website. Restart your laptop after installing the drivers to check if the issue has been fixed.


3. Change the screen resolution and scaling by right-clicking the desktop in Windows and choosing "Display settings" or opening "System Preferences" and selecting "Displays" on a Mac. Make sure the screen resolution is set to the native or recommended resolution for the screen on your laptop. Make further adjustments to the scale or zoom settings to make sure they are configured properly.


4. Perform a pixel test: There are websites that offer online pixel tests that can assist in locating and repairing stuck or dead pixels on your screen. These websites use a variety of colours to reanimate frozen pixels. Try a pixel test to determine whether the problem with the tiny dots is fixed. Use caution and pay close attention to the directions when using these tests.


5. Connect to an external monitor: Use an HDMI or VGA connection to connect your laptop to an external monitor or TV. If the dots are not visible on the external display, your laptop's screen may be the source of the problem. You might need to get more help in this situation from Dell support or a qualified expert.


If the aforementioned methods do not address the issue, call Dell support.

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