Why the married people dont Find Pleasure In Sex

Indulging into sexual practices or many sexual practices when you're not married as a man or woman will make you get tired or not finding pleasure In it when you eventually get married. I heard many couples complaining that their partner is denying them sex which is not right.


This has been the situation of many women which results to them denying their husbands sex. Come to think of it I have never heard any woman complaining that her husband is denying her sex.


And looking at it, this men and women aren't up to fifty years finding no pleasure in sex because they have done it severally when they were single and have lost all the joy and sweetness in It and now it is affecting their marriages today.


My dear single brothers and sisters try to abstain from sex for the sake of your future marriage so that you and your partner can enjoy it without no one denying each other of the process or getting tired of doing it or finding no pleasure In doing it.


Sex is something that God ordained for marriage for the partners to be bonded as one flesh. When says the singles to flee from it he has a reason because he created it.

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