4 Ways You're Killing Your Spouse Unknowingly.

Many moments in our relationship, we think we're loving our spouses in the best way possible and believe all is well, but in the true sense, we are actually hurting them and killing them gradually (howbeit not physical death most times).

Here are four (4) ways you might be killing your spouse unknowningly,

1. Putting others first 

When every other person (e.g friends) or anything (like career) comes first before your spouse, you make them feel unimportant, hence affecting their self esteem in a negative way.

Everyone craves for the attention of their love ones, but if they feel they are not valuable enough in the eyes of their partner, they tend to withdraw and if care is not taken, in the long run, separation/divorce creeps in.

Put your spouse first and you'll enjoy a lot of happiness.


2. Depriving your spouse of intimacy

Everyone needs physical affection form their partner. It's a wonderful feeling to be desired in a romantic way, therefore using sex as a revenge tool by denying or withholding intimacy from your spouse can be so hurtful and can be really frustrating.


3. Underestimating your spouse's ability or potentials.

Discouraging, bad mouthing and looking down on your spouse's talents/potential are quick ways to kill them emotionally. This can lead them to retire early and not put in their best in developing themselves.


4. Shunning your responsibility 

It takes two to tango. If a relationship will work out well, both partners need to put in their best. But if one shuns his/her responsibility, the burden upon the other partner would be overwhelming and can lead to many problems.


Here are just few ways you might be killing your spouses unknowningly and destroying your relationship.

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Godson Inyang - Aug 9, 2023, 9:58 AM - Add Reply

These are simple but powerful words, if adopted, can become a remedy and panacea to failing relationships. We often easily look away from these points in a relationship, reading it is a reminder and opportunity to look over.

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