The Key to Going Viral Through Top Media Publishers

Abdulmugis, an innovative techpreneur, who is the founder and CEO Zoomer and Bloghouse is about to launch a new self service platform called Publisherr. The Publisher platform aims to help businesses, startups, and brands connect with top media publishers and submit their stories to be published on their reputable websites. The goal is to increase their visibility and become the most talked-about heads on media publishers like Forbes, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, and other news/media platforms. Media publishers have 80% power in making brands viral. 

Abdulmugis' idea for Publisherr came after suffering from gaining visibility on the internet while building his businesses and startups. He realized that many businesses, startups, and brands struggle with getting their voice and message out to the masses just like him. With Publisherr, they can now join a platform that connects them with top media publishers. This will help them go viral and get the attention they deserve. 

Publisherr is a platform that is easy to use and navigate. Users can create an account, submit their stories, and wait for approval from the media publishers. Once approved, their stories will be published on the publisher's website, giving the brand the exposure they need. 

This is a brilliant idea that will help many businesses, startups, and brands achieve their goals of becoming more visible. By joining Publisherr, they will have access to some of the top media publishers in the world, giving them the opportunity to get their message out to a wider audience. 

In conclusion, Abdulmugis' innovative idea for Publisherr is about to change the game for businesses, startups, and brands looking to increase their visibility and become more talked-about on media platforms. Joining Publisherr is easy and will give users the opportunity to go viral. This is a professional platform that is easy to navigate and will help businesses achieve their goals of being seen by a wider audience.

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