Adobe is revolutionizing the ease of using Photoshop with its groundbreaking Firefly Image Generator

Adobe Photoshop, the powerful image editing tool, is set to introduce new AI-powered features that aim to make complex edits easier for users. One of these features is Generative Fill, which incorporates Adobe's AI image generation tool called Firefly. Generative Fill allows users to perform advanced edits by simply giving text prompts to the app.

Firefly initially gained attention for its unique approach. Unlike similar AI tools, it was trained only on images from Adobe's own stock site, public domain content, and openly licensed work, ensuring it doesn't infringe upon the creations of artists and photographers. Adobe later expanded the use of Firefly, integrating it into various video and image editing apps.

Today, Adobe announced the incorporation of Firefly into its flagship image editing tool, Adobe Photoshop, through the introduction of Generative Fill. This tool offers two main functionalities. It can expand the borders of an image by automatically generating additional content that matches the original photo's lighting, style, and perspective. Alternatively, it can replace parts of an image based on simple text prompts from the user.

One example provided by Adobe demonstrates the usefulness of Generative Fill in changing the size or aspect ratio of an image. Often, photos are shared across different platforms with varying display requirements. While cropping an image to a smaller size is relatively simple, expanding the photo to make it taller or wider typically requires complex editing skills. Generative Fill aims to automate this process by filling in the missing areas seamlessly and quickly.

Generative Fill goes beyond recreating out-of-frame areas; it can intelligently replace or edit highlighted parts of a photo using Photoshop's selection tools and text prompts. For instance, users can highlight a section of road and instruct Generative Fill to add yellow lines, enhancing the image to make it clear that a cyclist is riding on an empty road. The added lines not only match the photo's perspective but also blend with the existing road texture.

Like other tools in Photoshop, the automated edits performed by Generative Fill are non-destructive and are added as separate layers, allowing users to toggle them on or off and further adjust them manually using other filters. Additionally, Generative Fill can suggest multiple versions of an edit, empowering artists to make the final decision on which one to use.

Beta users of Adobe Photoshop's desktop version will have access to Generative Fill starting today, while the tool is expected to become widely available in the second half of 2023 for the release versions of Photoshop.

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