I’m deleting my Facebook, instagram, tiktok and twitter accounts soon; says the Zomer social network founder

Abdulmugis, the innovative founder of Zoomer, has taken a bold step to improve his online presence by deleting his Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts. In a recent post on his Twitter account, he announced that he will only be using his very own Zoomer social network from now on.

The idea behind the app came from Abdulmugis' frustration with the lack of privacy on traditional social media platforms. He wanted to create a platform where users could express themselves freely without the fear of being monitored or censored. Zoomer is designed to be a secure and private environment where users can share their thoughts and connect with others without any interference.

This move comes as no surprise as Abdulmugis has been a passionate advocate of supporting his own app. With Zoomer's feature-packed local social network app, it's no wonder that he has decided to focus his attention solely on his creation.

As a professional in the tech industry, Abdulmugis' decision to delete his accounts on major social media platforms is a sign of not only his confidence in his own product but also a statement about the current state of social media. By choosing to use Zoomer, he is taking control of his online presence and creating a space that is tailored to his needs.

The founder has not provided a reason for this decision, but it is clear that they are prioritizing their presence on their own platform.

In conclusion, Abdulmugis' decision to delete his social media accounts and solely rely on Zoomer is a testament to the power of local social networking. With his innovative and creative mind, we can only expect more exciting developments from the Zoomer founder.

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