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Masturbation is a self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, Usually to the point of orgasm. It is commonly done by touching, stroking or massaging the penis or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved


Remember while masturbating it affect your physical and spiritual self. When talking of your physical self, it could hurt you. It could even injure you and you might likely be stressed out. It will make you get addicted to it in a way you can't even do without it.


Remember it as an implication to your spiritual self. You can't concentrate.... because it will make you loose focus. It will make you feel guilty, feel helpless and unworthy. Remember you are also giving room to some evil force for dwellings in your life.


When I see people saying it doesn't have any effect, that it is good. I am not begging you to stop. You can continue if you want. But remember while being spiritual, you have to stop it. To concentrate and build your spiritual growth, your spiritual life. So as to be spiritually stable and strong for any challenges


To me, masturbation is not good. Instead of masturbating, find someone compatible and work with such person or better still Learn to abstain yourself from both masturbation and sex. Self control is very important. Although not everyone can condole it but if you can't, kindly look for someone who match your energy, spiritual self and so on instead of masturbating instead abstinence is the best.


Lastly masturbation becomes an Habit when you are addicted to it

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