She wrote this article before she passed away from cancer

"1. I had the world's most expensive car brand in my garage but now I'm traveling in a wheelchair.


2. My house is full of all kinds of designers clothing, shoes and valuables. But my body is wrapped in a small sheet of cloth provided by the hospital.


3. There is enough money in the bank. But now I'm not benefiting from that money.


4. My house is like a palace but I'm laying in a double size bed in a hospital.


5. I can go from five star hotel to another five star hotel. But now I'm spending time moving from lab to lab in hospital.


6. I signed hundreds of people. Doctor's note today is my signature.


7. I had seven jewelry to decorate my hair - now I don't have hair on my head.


8. With a private jet, I can fly wherever I want. But now I need two people's help to get to the hospital patio.


9. Although there are many foods, but my diet has two tablets a day and a few drops of salt at night.


This house, this car, this jet, this furniture, so many bank accounts, so much reputation and fame, none of them are useful.


*None of all valuables could give me relief.*

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